As technology improves, software vendors have been able to offer increasingly advanced accounting software at lower prices. This software is suitable for companies at multiple stages of growth.

We are a software specialist company established in Singapore. We acquire strong product knowledge by exploring various software solutions that are suitable for different businesses’ requirements. 

For us at SME Software Solutions, some of our best-selling accounting software includes MYOB and Autocount accounting software. We believe in discussing and analyzing the pros & cons of a solution with our customers, and we only recommend the best solution which suit them the most because we are not just providing software but a turn-key solution.

It is risky and can be painful if you have assessed & bought a solution that is not suitable for your business. We are here to avoid the potential risk you may encounter along the way while choosing a solution

We are most willing to share our knowledge with you where these might be areas you may overlook when selecting a solution. Call us now at  +65 66816644 or send a mail to


We deliver end-to-end solutions for SME’s.


Solutions made easy.

Core values

Responsibility – we say what we do and do what we say

We say what we do: we are specific in our promises: what is included and what is excluded, what do we cover in our training, how many forms will we customize, how long will the implementation take, when do we invoice, what support do we deliver etc.

We do what we say: we deliver on all our promises, we are responsible and can be counted on.

Knowledge – we know solutions and we know SME’s

We know solutions: we know the type of software that’s in the market, it’s strengths and weaknesses, price, compatibility, features. We hav an open eye for new technology and if needed build interfaces and add-ons.

We know SME’s: we understand the way an SME operates and have knowledge and expertise of most industries.

Care – for customers, staff and community

We are trusted, well known and respected. We are recommended and respected


We operate with partners but we always brand ourselves as SME Software Solutions.


We are truly customer centric, our scope of activities is driven by what our customer base needs. As a consequence our range of activities includes:

  • Software solutions for key business functions like accounting, customer relationship management, point-of-sale, payroll and human resource management
  • Helpdesk and support
  • Consultancy on grants
  • Consultancy and training on key business processes
  • Hardware solutions


Every ‘solution provider’ has some product knowledge, we have more. Our strength sits in the fact that we combine product knowledge with:

  • Knowledge of how an SME operates
  • Domain knowledge of the industry the SME is active in (F&B, Manufacturing, Retail…)

We don’t push products – we provide solutions.

Staff size

Combined staff strength is about 10 and growing