Authorized Training Centre (ATC) For Autocount

We are proud to announce that SME Software Solutions Pte Ltd is accredited to be the Authorized Training Centre (ATC) for Autocount in Singapore.

We are listed on ISCA website as well!!!


Successful candidates will receive a Certificate of Attendance from SME Software Solutions Pte Ltd.

No prior working knowledge on Autocount is required. The candidate simply needs to have basic knowledge of Microsoft Office applications.

Course Objective

Candidate will be able to manage medium-sized business including handling foreign currency and time billing in a multi-user environment.
The participants are able to master the following while practicing during training:

  • To enable the participant to get started and begin using the Autocount program
  • To enable the participant to handle day-to-day processing in Autocount
  • To enable the participant to have a basic knowledge of GST and also how to utilize Autocount to generate relevant GST reports

Course Outline

Title Description
Chapter 1 : New Company and GL Entry
  • Installation
  • Company Profile & Licensing
  • Customise Your Main Screen
  • Manage Account Book
  • Chart of Account (Remove, Rename, Create New normal and special accounts, Change Account number….)
  • Add Debtor & Creditor Account
  • Print Chart of Account
  • Cash Book Entry – Cash Receipt/ Cash Payment
  • Journal Entry
  • Stock Value Maintenance
  • View GL Reports, Ledger Reports, Journal of Transaction, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet
  • Backup
Chapter 2 : AR and AP Entry
  • Sales Agent Maintenance
  • Assigning Agent and Credit Term
  • Transaction: AR Invoice, AR Credit Note, AR Payment
  • Transaction: AP Invoice, AP Credit Note, AP Payment
  • Add New Special Account: Deposit
  • Transaction: AR Deposit
  • AR Statement
  • Returned Cheque
  • Post Date Cheque and AR Statement
  • Backup
Chapter 3 : Existing Company
  • Create New Account Book (Copy Master File)
  • Add Previous Fiscal Year
  • YTD Balance
  • Past / YTD Entries for debtors/creditors (Update debtors, creditors YTD balance)
  • Transaction in the month of April (Receipt Vouchers, Payment Vouchers, Credit Sales,Payment Received, Invoice from Suppliers, Payment to Suppliers)
  • Stock Value Maintenance
  • View Reports (Ledger Reports, Journal of Transaction Report, Receipt & Payment Report, Cheque Listing Report, Trial Balance Report, Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet Statement, Outstanding A/R Invoice Report, Debtor Aging Report, Debtor Statement Report, Outstanding A/P Invoice Report, Creditor Aging Report, Creditor Statement Report,Audit Trail)
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • User Control
  • Backup
Chapter 4 : Inventory Control
  • Create New Account Book using Restore
  • Enable Stock Module
  • Add G/L Account
  • Set Default G/L Account
  • Maintain Stock Group, Item Type
  • Auto Generate Item Code Format
  • Maintain Stock, Service Item
  • Stock Item Opening Quantity
  • Stock Adjustment, Stock Issue, Stock Receive, Stock Write Off, Stock Update Cost
  • Stock Reports (Stock Card Report, Stock Balance Report, Stock Movement Report, Stock Status Report, Reorder Advice Report, Inventory Physical Worksheet, Stock Aging Report)
  • Backup
Chapter 5 : Purchasing and Invoicing
  • Enable Sales/ Purchase Modules
  • Purchase Documents, Purchase Order, Goods Received Note, Purchase Invoice, Purchase Return, Cash Purchase
  • Purchase Report (Purchase Order Listing Report, Outstanding Purchase Order Listing, Monthly Purchase Analysis Report, Purchase Analysis by Document
  • Sales Documents (Quotation, Sales Order, Delivery Order, Invoice, Credit Note, Debit Note, Cash Sale)
  • Sales Reports (Outstanding Sales Order Listing, Monthly Sales Analysis Report, Sales Analysis by Document Report, Profit & Loss of Document Report, Top/Bottom Sales Ranking Report, Price History Report, Sales Agent Contribution Report)
  • Backup
Chapter 6 : Project Account
  • Create New Account Book (Copy Master Data)
  • Add Previous Fiscal Year
  • Enable Project Module
  • Project Maintenance/ Project Opening Balance
  • Project Transaction (A/P Invoice Entry, A/P Credit Note Entry, A/P Payment, A/R Invoice Entry, A/R Credit Note, A/R Receive Payment/ Cash Book Entry – New Receipt Voucher, New Payment Voucher)
  • Stock Value Maintenance
  • Project Reports (Profit & Loss Statement – Individual Project, Profit & Loss – Comparison, Balance Sheet- Individual Project)
  • Project Profit Margin Report
  • Backup
Chapter 7 : Multi Currency
  • Create New Account Book (Copy Master Data)
  • Enable Multi-Currency Module
  • Currency Maintenance
  • Creditor/ Debtor with Foreign Currency
  • Purchases in Foreign Currency (Purchase Invoice, AP Invoice Entry, Journal of Transaction- before payment, A/R Receive Payment, Journal of Transaction- after payment)
  • Report(Ledger Report, Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, Debtor Aging Report, Debtor Statement Report)
  • Backup
Chapter 8 : Manufacturing Account
  • Create New Account Book (sample chart)
  • Chart of Account
  • Opening Balance Maintenance
  • Cash Receipt, Cash Payment
  • Journal Entry
  • Maintain Stock Value
  • View Reports (Account Details – Manufacturing Account, Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet Statement)
  • Backup
Chapter 9 & 10 : Assignment 1 & 2
  • Profit & Loss Statement for <y-1>
  • Balance sheet <y-1>
  • List of debtors and outstanding invoices
  • List of creditors and outstanding invoices
  • Stock items Quantity
  • Transactions Jan, YYYY – Purchases, Sales, Paid Salary
  • Trading, Profit & Loss Account 31-Dec, <y-1>
  • Balance Sheet 31-Dec, <y-1>
  • List of debtors and creditors
  • Bank Reconciliation 31-Dec, <y-1>
  • Depreciation Schedule 31-Dec, <y-1>
  • Bank Statement 31/01/YYYY
  • Transaction of January, YYYY


Course Description

This course is aimed to provide more insight and advancement in Autocount. In the course, our trainer will work with the users to achieve a standard workflow in the standards of accounting and a solution to map out the daily standard operating procedures (SOP) in reference to the industry of tracking loans and receivables and export of the information into Excel.

Course Duration : 1 day (9.00am – 6.00pm)

Course Rate : SGD $699.00 per pax / per session

Venue : 6 Eu Tong Sen Street #03-37A Clarke Quay Central, Singapore 059817

Date : Click here to find out

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