Robotic BPO

Robotic Process Automation Technology is flexible, trainable and compatible with all systems; MYOB, Autocount, Xero, UBS Accounting, SAP QuickBooks, Million and many more.

With Robotic Business Process Outsourcing (Robotic BPO) – where software robots work alongside people to complete business processes – there is no need to redesign your IT systems and reap the benefits of automation. Robots can work side by side with any existing system.

The robotic software will perform tasks by mimicking the way humans use software applications, such as clicking the mouse and entering data via the keyboard. You can also set simple rules for these robots to make decisions in the business process.

Examples of areas where you can use Robotic BPO:

  • Searching/ collating and entering data
  • Migration/ reconciliation of data
  • Processing invoices/ claims
  • Performing system checks
  • Generating reports
  • Entry/ modification/ booking orders
  • Other repetitive and/ or rule-based tasks

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