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With its advanced technology such as Microsoft .Net Framework, SQL Server 2005, and internet-ready, Autocount Accounting stands out as one of the best accounting software for today’s business requirements. Characterized by its easy-to-learn and integrated features, Autocount Accounting helps to streamline your business operations. It provides a strong and stable database for every type of […]

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MYOB recently released version 23. Two important new features are now available, both focusing on enabling integration of MYOB with other platforms. First of all there’s the integration with Mint which allows MYOB to integrate with the click-to-pay platform. Secondly, MYOB can now interface with a web shop via the Web Services integration. If you’re not using MYOB yet, you will get these features if you just buy the latest version. If you are using MYOB and are interested in new features, please contact us then we can guide you on the upgrading options available […]

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