Do I need to have a support agreement to be able to call upon SME Software Solutions for support

The answer is no – you always call or mail us. If it is a simple query we’ll be happy to help or guide you. If it is more complicated we will be clear on what we can do and what costs might be involved

Which solutions do you support

We support MYOB and Autocount. Our engineers are trained on these platforms and have a broad experience in implementing these software solutions and providing support to a wide range of customers. We have experience with other solutions as well so if you’re in doubt just give us a call.

Do you do on-site visits to support

Yes we do, but we will first liaise with you over email, phone or team viewer before we – in mutual understanding – decide on a site-visit.

How fast will my problem be solved

Of course that depends on the difficulty of the problem. We will respond to your query within an hour, depending on the outcome of the analysis we will inform you on the turn-around-time to resolution.

What support packages do you have

We have listed our packages in the section before < LINK >. If what you’re looking for is not listed in the overview please give us a call to discuss.

Can you help with technical / system issues

Yes we can. Our own team has generic technical knowledge and we work with partners for specific technical issues.

How big is the support team

The team is big enough to handle the current customer base and is expanding with the number of customers. At the moment we have a team of 5 people that can provide support and handle customer requests.

Does your support team speak only English?

Our team speaks English and Chinese.



Tip of the week for MYOB

Does your MYOB always select the wrong printer to print your forms and reports? Or do you just want to print to PDF but the default printer is always your physical printer?

You can change your default printer by going to Files > Print Setup.




Tip of the week for Autocount 

  1. How do I log into multiple databases without exiting the current database?

Go to FILE-LOGIN TO NEW ACCOUNT BOOK-Select No when asked to exit