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Every now and then our customers need help with the software they are using. SME Software Solutions has a dedicated team of professionals to support customers in a variety of ways. Primary focus is on the support of MYOB and Autocount although at times we support other software solutions as well.

First and foremost there is the training and implementation support. During the implementation, user requirements are gathered, the system is set up, parameters are set, interfaces are built and the system is configured to the customer’s requirements. Thereafter the customer can – with our help – migrate or enter static data, the system can be tested and the users can be trained. This support is normally done when a customer has just purchased the software but at times it’s done at a later stage as well; for instance at the moment of a system upgrade, the installation of a new server or when new staff joins the customers company.

We can also support you with specific issues – you’ll find a sample listed below. At the end of this section you’ll find our support packages listed as well.

Data migration

When you have new hardware, need to import or export data from your system, we can support you with the data migration. This will allow you to focus on the data quality while we take care of the technical conversion.


Most systems in the market have extensive reporting capabilities and often it is possible to export information to MS Excel. This sounds easier said than done though if you need specific information for a specific purpose. Whether that is a report for management, an export file to make data available for import into another system or the production of dedicated control reports often you need expert help to make the information available in a fast and correct way. We have the system and technical knowledge to do this for you.


Similar to reporting you might want to interface systems. Importing your salary data into your accounting system for instance. Or importing sales data from your CRM system to your accounting system, or connecting your POS and inventory systems. We can nog only design and build the interface, we can as well design the new workflows and processes.

Re configuration

When you first buy and implement a software system you will make sure that the setup and configuration meet the requirements of your teams and staff. An organization changes over time though… staff get deployed to other departments, tasks get re assigned to units and so on. Often some changes in the software system can make sure that the system functions again meet your organization’s requirements. 

Regression testing

Your software solution is properly set up and working once implemented but over time parameters are changed, reports are added, users make mistakes and corrections and data is entered on a daily basis. Your system no doubt is robust enough to undergo all that but at the same time you might feel a test and some review is not a bad idea. It’s like having your gas installation in the kitchen checked or maintaining your air-conditioners regularly. Based on your input and specifications our team can do a full test and give you useful information on how to improve the functioning of the system

End user / functional support

Last but not least your users might have questions at times, face difficulties performing certain tasks or make mistakes that need to be corrected. To support your users – on an ad-hoc or continuous basis – we have several support packages which are listed below.


Need help in accounting solutions? Accredited by Autocount and MYOB, we are your gold-class partners for accounting software solutions. We do our best to provide you with the best support we can to improve your day-to-day business. Our commitment, experience, and technical knowledge turn challenges into solutions to help you optimize your accounting performance. We are always on stand-by mode to cater for unforeseen circumstances and minimize down time.



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